Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Feature: William Morris

William Morris Tree of Life Tapestry
Inspiration for the Arts and Crafts Movement came from a reverence for the natural world.  At a time when industry and cities flourished between 1890-1910 people craved the delicate beauty of country life.  William Morris was a leading artist in this movement designing tapestries and wallpapers. He believed that beauty should return to every home regardless of class. He wrote, "I do not want art for a few; any more than education for a few; or freedom for a few."

William Morris "Strawberry Thief" Tapestry
Today a resurgence of Morris' work can be found in the form of needlepoint kits and reproduction wallpapers.  Not to mention he is featured on many a Pinterest board including my own.  I think that Morris would have loved that his work continues to honor nature in our homes and that individuals recreate his designs for themselves.  For we have the power to create heaven on earth.

A good way to rid one's self of a sense of discomfort is to do something. That uneasy, dissatisfied feeling is actual force vibrating out of order; it may be turned to practical account by giving proper expression to its creative character.
-William Morris
William Morris "Willow Boughs" Wallpaper
(The most popular of Morris' paper... I so want this for my laundry room.)
With the arrogance of youth, I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. If I have succeeded in some small way, if only in one small corner of the world, amongst the men and women I love, then I shall count myself blessed, and blessed, and blessed, and the work goes on.
-William Morris

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