Thursday, March 30, 2023

Art Inspiration: Impressionist Color


Hello My Fellow Art Lovers- 

"Color was my day-long obsession....
Eventually, my eyes were opened, and I really understood nature. I learned to love at the same time."

-Claude Monet

 Monet, Gardens of Argenteuil 1873

Monet and his fellow Impressionist painters were OBSESSED with capturing color.  He went back to his favorite spots over and over to paint at different times of day. 

Like his 1904 paintings of the London Houses of Parliament....


His color harmony techniques were inspired by the ideas of Chevreul.  He believed that certain colors LOOK brighter when they are next to each other....

our perception of color changes according to what is around it.  

Want to learn how to mix and match colors like the Impressionists?  Join us for Impressionist Painting Thursday mornings starting April 6th.

And if you want to learn the basics of creating a painting from start to finish join us for Learn to Paint Step by Step Wednesday evenings starting April 5th.

  Wine Country Commission, Sold Peonies, Sold
In both of these classes we will be learning to create classic landscape and floral paintings.  

"I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it." 

Me too!!!!  I want to do it all.

 Morning Mist, Available 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Studio Alchemy Podcast Episode 98: How to Speak to Your Muse


Today’s episode of the Studio Alchemy Podcast features a chat about how we can use our creative energy to speak to those we love, connect, and communicate.  When we speak to one person through our artwork what we create will resonate with other people with more passion and honesty than if we create for no one.When we create for others our work is infused with a powerful energy- an energy that is full of yearning, desire, and a need to connect.  When we create for others our passion infuses the work with emotion.  

We can use our creative energy to speak to those we love.

I yearn for understanding! And I bet you do too.

Samuel Woodforde, Apollo and the Muses, 1804

In the old myth the Muses were characters that inspired people to create.  I feel that I am inspired by the people I love.  They are my muses.

When I created this piece, "The Birth of Venus," I was celebrating love.  In this ancient myth the Goddess of Love emerged from ocean foam fully formed and ready to embrace us.   When I create a piece like this it isn't for me.  It is for you.  It is for anyone who needs to hear this message: Love is always ready to embrace you.

Brenda Ueland said that art is, "an impulse to share with other people a feeling or truth.  Not to preach to them, but to give it to them if they cared to listen."

Other times my artwork is more splashy and says what I want to say, not with story, but with emotional color.

Can you guess what I was feeling with this piece?

Or this one?

When we create for others our work is infused with a powerful energy- an energy that is full of yearning, desire, and a need to connect.  

This is one of the many reasons I am thankful for our Studio Alchemy art community.  Together we create...

And listen to one another.  We share what we are yearning to say with our work.

We are inspired by each other.  We are muses to each other in community.

And we get silly together too.  Our mascot Doogie inspires that!

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Art Inspiration: The Art of Improvisation


Hello My Fellow Art Lovers- 

Forget theories! Just dive into whatever you are doing and DO IT.  This is what my friend comedy improv artist, Jason Adams, says we should do.  He went so far as to say, "Don't use your brain." Ha!

  Highlights 2023

I love planning.  It gives my brain something to chew on.  But sometimes it is better to just get in the groove and start creating.  Unexpected, spontaneous, wild things can happen.

When we are in the process of creating something, anything, we are living it.  We are participating in the dance of life. 

Like this guy!  He is so ready to dive in and participate. Snowy Egret 2023 

"We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
    And sitting by desolate streams; —
World-losers and world-forsakers,
    On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
    Of the world for ever, it seems."

-Arthur O'Shaugnessy

AND if you want to be a "mover and shaker" you've got to have guts....

On the latest episode of the Studio Alchemy Podcast I talked about "The Art of Improvisation."  Listen here or on any podcast platform.

Join us at the studio for upcoming classes....

Learn to Paint Step by Step- Wednesday evenings for 7 Weeks starting April 5th

Impressionist Painting- Thursday mornings for 7 weeks starting April 6th

Painting Club- Thursday afternoons and evenings

See the full list of upcoming classes on Eventbrite

May you grow toward the light and as always...

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Studio Alchemy Podcast Episode 97 The Art of Improvisation


Today’s episode of the Studio Alchemy Podcast features a discussion about how you can incorporate improvisation in comedy improv, painting, music and dance.

On the Studio Alchemy Podcast we explore creative ways to transform our lives using visualization, art making, and self-help techniques.  Each episode includes stories and reflections to inspire you to transform your life.  Hosted by Addie Hirschten, a.k.a. Vita, a contemporary impressionist painter, art teacher, author, and public speaker.  Find out more at