Monday, July 1, 2013

Controversial Stuff...

Since I started this sharing my experiences through paintings I have received hate mail from religious extremists for my work.  What steams people up is that I create both religious paintings as well as works that celebrate sexuality.  These messages make me feel that I am being asked to be silenced. I feel that I am being asked to not speak the honest truth about what it is like to live in a human body.  

So I am go on record and make a statement here.

I believe that the human body is a sacred object.  

The divine energy that propels all life forward pushes us to love and lust in that messy act of creation.  Ethically speaking as long as you aren't hurting someone else through abusive coercion I do not view any act of sexuality to be 'wrong' or 'right'. One of the main purposes behind art is to be a vehicle for expressing inner emotions and desires, things that we can't always put into words.  And although it often makes me feel exposed and vulnerable I throw all of my messy honest truth into my paintings in the hope that it will bring comfort to others... in the hope that you will see yourself reflected in it.  Then we will transcend the petty differences that keep us apart.  We will be united. By depicting the beauty of the human body and nature I am celebrating what I see as the divine spirit.  In the words of the Roman playwright Terence, "Nothing human is alien to me."

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful,
for beauty is God's handwriting.

Several of the paintings that have been targets of negative criticism will be part of my art show this Friday.  I welcome you to join us there:

Event: Portraits of Passion
The Sanctuary on Penn
 701 N. Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis, IN 46204
Friday July 5th 2013 6-11pm


  1. Beautifully said, Addie, beautifully said. It makes me mad that they cloak their hate under religion. It is my belief that folks who do this worship religion and not God.

    1. Thanks Lori- It is wonderful to have your support. When things like this happen I tell myself that as long as I am being honest- I shouldn't care what the naysayers think... but it is nice to have support from friends and artists such as yourself.

  2. Your response leaves me speechless and without comment.... a condition not common to my character! I have nothing to say beyond well said. I am in full agreement. I really appreciate your works.


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