Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cleaning the Slate and a Studio Makeover

My Studio BEFORE

My studio had finally reached the point where I couldn't work in it because it was so messy!  I reorganized, took out furniture, put in furniture and created a much more inviting space.

My Studio AFTER!

After my big art show at the Sanctuary I felt that that series of figurative work was complete.  It gave me a new sense of calm and I was ready to clear the slate for my next projects....

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:  I have been working on illustrating my first picture book.  I am also starting a new shadow puppetry theater show in collaboration with a fellow musician.  I will be posting more on these projects on the blog soon!

My Studio AFTER (Note that I can now reach my sewing machine!)
My Studio AFTER

Some things never change!


  1. Looks BEAUTIFUL, and I know it feels really good. Can't wait to hear more about your new ventures.

    1. Thanks Lori- It feels so good to be in a nice fresh room let me tell you! And so much easier to work in than before... now it seems that I should have made some of these changes years ago.


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