Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Apples on the Tree

Apples on the Tree
Copyright Hirschten 2015
Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"
Prints available on Fine Art America

"The need to express who we are is archetypal; that is both necessary and timeless.  And expressing who we are is less about describing ourselves than it is about letting who we are out in a regular rhythm that is as imperative as breathing.  
Essentially, the life of expression is the ongoing journey of how we heal each other... 
for by telling our stories and listening to the stories of others, we let out who we are and find ourselves in each other, and find that we are more together than alone."
-Mark Nepo

The image of a tree heavy with fruit appeals to my basic hunger.  The archetype of the bountiful harvest attracts us all.  It is my hope that images like this can connect us, showing how their appeal is universal and part of being human.... 
and maybe we can be reminded to be thankful for what we have.


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    1. Thanks Tam- every time I do the 30 day challenge there are 2 or 3 that stand out as ones that I'm proud of (not just "learning experiences" ha ha!) This is a new favorite

  2. This is funny - when I went out this morning there were a bunch of apples on the ground under the neighbors trees and 3 deer were having a fruit breakfast. A colorful time of year!


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