Friday, June 3, 2016

Alchemy of Art Podcast, Episode 28: Interview with Illustrator and Synesthete Bianca Dudeck-Mandity

Find out more about Bianca Dudeck-Mandity at:
Today's episode of the Alchemy of Art Podcast features an interview with contemporary illustrator and synesthete, Bianca Dudeck-Mandity and the story of Wassily Kandinsky.   Listen here:

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Here is a sample of Bianca's recent digital work:
Bound by Bianca Dudeck-Mandity
Digital Art, 2015

As always on the Alchemy of Art Podcast we asked some tough questions and Bianca answered with stunning clarity...

We talked about synesthesia and how it affects her perception and artwork. And we discussed the role art plays in the artist's life.

Bianca is big on confronting fears with artwork.  She said that the "best work comes out of emotional truth and vulnerability, even though it is frightening that is where the best work comes from."

Enjoy the show!

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