Thursday, June 1, 2017

Alchemy of Art Podcast Episode 45 Interview with Abstract Painter Lynette Melnyk

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Today's episode features an interview with abstract painter Lynette Melnyk and the story of the Three Stone Cutters.  As an artist, Lynette’s abstract expressionist style is created from her interpretation of nature, dance and especially, music. The layers upon layers create a depth to the story. Her art is a powerful communicator and is intended to encourage emotions and conversations. Her goal is to engage and inspire viewers through the captivating flow of energetic movements, masterful color palettes and unexpected whimsy.

As a creative director, Lynette has been involved in artistic endeavors throughout her life, with formal education and experience in interior design, visual communication design, photography, painting and marketing. She owned and operated a successful design, marketing and corporate communications business for many years and continues to evolve the creative communication process through her art. Her extensive expertise in running a business allows her to coach emerging artists through the maze of starting a business.  Find out more at:

On the Alchemy of Art podcast we interview artists from a wide variety of mediums about their creative process and art philosophy.  Each episode includes folktales and true stories about artists to inspire you and keep you going.  Hosted by Addie Hirschten, a contemporary impressionist painter, art teacher, author and public speaker.  Find out more at

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  1. I like each and every episode of The Alchemy of art Podcast. I love the way they appreciate artists from different fields! For the artist,appreciation matters more than money!

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