Friday, December 8, 2017

New OnlineCourse: Start Selling Your Art!

Launches January 31st 2018
In this course you will create a plan for your art business. The instructor covers a wide variety of ways you can sell your artwork and offers considerations on what will work best for you.

Topics covered will include envisioning your dream art career, marketing, pricing your work, tips for selling in-person and online, art fairs, galleries, commissions, finding your perfect clients and more!

Whether you have never sold an item or are experienced this class will give you fresh ideas to propel your art career forward.

This self-study course features...

- 8 Audio Lectures that explain the many ways you can bring in money with art sales. Learn how to price your work and how to gracefully close a sale when working with customers. Topics include...
-First Steps to Preparing for Greatness
-Money, Money, Money and Pricing Your Work
-How to Sell your Work Online
-Galleries, Galleries, Galleries
-The World of Art Fairs
-Pleasing Your Patrons with Commissions
-Tips for Closing the Sale and Marketing Basics
-Making Your Dreams Reality a.k.a. Goal Setting

Class starts January 31st 2018.  Enroll today to get early bird savings!


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