Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Studio Alchemy Podcast Episode 114 Mystic Artist Jahje Ives


Today’s episode of the Studio Alchemy Podcast features an interview with mystic artist, Jahje Ives.

Jahje Ives is a life empowerment coach and human design specialist, mystic artist and intuitive channel who loves to guide and inspire others to create their aligned life with ease. Her studio is just outside Philadelphia, PA where inspired by the sacred bloom within us all, she gathers inspiration from nature to translate flowers and figures into intuitive blooming paintings using a combination of materials including crystal derived watercolors to create sacred artworks to raise your vibration. Her latest project explores the 64 Gates in Human Design to create intuitive portraits of her clients to root them into the story of their Human Design.

Find out more about Jahje at:

Here's the artwork we discussed on the show:
Access a free human design chart at:
Jahje's Instagram link is

On the Studio Alchemy Podcast we explore creative ways to transform our lives.  Hosted by Addie Hirschten, a contemporary impressionist painter, art teacher, author, and public speaker.  Find out more at


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