Sunday, April 28, 2024

Art Inspiration: William Morris' House and Moving!


Hello My Fellow Art Lovers- 


When I bought Studio Alchemy in 2019 I thought I would live here FOREVER!


Similarly when William Morris designed his Red House in 1859 he thought he would live there FOREVER.

He spent a lot of time decorating the space but by 1865 he realized that he had to move. It was a damp unhealthy building and he had a three hour commute to work.  It had to be sold.

Inspired by his house and Monet's Giverny I wanted to create a unique space for artists to gather, a space covered with symbols!

Now that I will be moving to North Carolina to be closer to my family I ask myself, "was it worth it?"  

It was so much work!

But I DO think that it was worth it.  As William Morris said,"No work that cannot be done with pleasure is worth doing."

I enjoyed the process of creating our space AND sharing classes with fellow artists.

It was worth it.  And I am ready to start over and do it all again.  

Studio Art Sale Friday:

If you've ever wanted to take home one of my paintings, now will be the time to do it.... I have everything on super sale so that I will have less to move.
Open First Fridays May 3rd and June 7th 6-9pm


Upcoming Classes:

If you would like to join us for Paint Club or one of our upcoming classes now is your last chance! Next week we will start Impressionist Painting which will be our last 7 week class together. June 13th will be our last Paint Club session.
See the full list of upcoming classes here:


Studio for Sale:

The studio and the house next door will be for sale. I'd love to hand it off to someone who will love the garden and be able to use this space in a creative way. If you or anyone you know is on the lookout for a unique house let me know.

May this message inspire you! Feel free to share❤

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