Friday, December 9, 2011

Notes on Nudity

Notes on Nudity
Oil on Canvas stretched over frame
9" x 12"
Original $275.
Available on Etsy

Inspired by Rodin's Danaide sculpture and the Art Nouveau style I created this painting.

I would like to contend that when I paint a nude it is meant to honor our human form.  To lift up our sensitive side and put it on a pedestal.  Here we are at our most honest. 

I have tried to define the difference between this and pornography, one thought being "I know it when I see it."  But the best distinction I can make is that porn depicts the "other," someone else that we are staring at in a wolfish manner whereas the nude in art reflects us.  We are looking at ourselves.  Is this an odd definition?

Mr. Bones winner of the award for
"Most Exposed Model"

I'm not for gratuitous nudity, but if there is humor I don't have a problem
-Rebecca Romijin

Hence we now have "Mr. Bones" who won the prize for the "Most Exposed Model" drawn in my Anatomy Studies class at the Indianapolis Art Center. 

We started by examining the skeleton, the idea being that if we can understand the core structure of the body we will be able to draw it better.

So what is our core stucture?  Mr. Bones has all kinds of bolts to hold him together while we have tendons and tissues.  What is holding us together?  Can we reflect a human soul in a picture? 

P.S.- My current "partner in crime" hates my nudy paintings and prefers my landscapes- what does that mean?

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  1. btw, that is my FAVORITE sculpture!!! I just love how Rodin captures the gesture of her collapsed, beaten, exhausted form over the water jug. I did a painting that was inspired by that sculpture, too. But I like yours better. Mine was kind of dark.


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