Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Dollar and Eighty-Seven Cents

Bridge over the Canal
This painting will be available at the Fletcher Place Show Opening April 6th
Friday my computer died.  Yeah- it is the worst.  The hard drive is toast. 
I lost videos of my daughter... sigh.

But you don't take anything with you when you die.  I've got to let it go. 

We spend so much time documenting it all.  Honoring it, putting it up on a pedestal.  All people, all artists create the kodachrome.  I believe that it is still worth doing even if it will be destroyed later.  We create our art then let it drift away like teenagers fleeing the nest.  It is our gift to the world. 

Of all who give and receive gifts, such as these are the wisest.
-O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi

So let's all bake cookies then eat them.  Let's share the love.

O Henry

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