Friday, January 27, 2012

Dream of India

Dream of India
Acrylic on Paper
19" x 12"
Reprint available on Fine Art America
A couple of years ago I dreamt that I was in India waiting for a bus. I realized that under my feet the pavement was painted. Every door, building, signpost was brightly painted.  It was very exciting.
Last night I made this painting to reflect that dream.
(And yes- I dream in color.  Do you?)

There are two countries that I have always dreamed of...
England and India.

Sadly I have never placed my feet on the ground of either.
I need an excuse to go.
I need a reason to make a pilgrimage.

To tie a knot on a tree.

To dip into the water.

What excuse do I need?
Can you give me one?

Life is a pilgrimage.  The wise man does not rest by the roadside inns
-Swami Sivananda


  1. This picture is like a dream. Lovely and very compelling. I say find a storytelling event in India or England that you HAVE to attend.

  2. Hmmm- that is a good idea! I'll do some research. :)


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