Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Story of the La Jolla Seals

La Jolla Children's Pool
Oil on Canvas
Original $275.
Available on Etsy
This painting depicts the La Jolla Children's Pool in San Diego, California.

In 1931 a protective wall was built creating a secure sandy beach.  The builder, Ellen Browning Scripps, envisioned a play pool for children.  Recently however harbor seals have been drawn to the area and give birth to young pups there. 

Thus the controversy begins...  The majority of San Diegans feel that there are plenty of beaches for recreation in the area and that the space should be designated for the seals.  Yet a few vocal locals want to reestablish the area as a human zone.

I was very happy that despite the large "welcome" sign someone had placed on the beach the day I visited no one was invading the seal's space.    We humans have marked our territory by pissing over so much of creation.  We can spare this tiny space.  We can give it back.

My relatives watching the seals.
It was amazing to watch the wild seals from the wall!  I highly recommend visiting La Jolla to see the seals, enjoy a cafe lunch and stroll through an art gallery. 

(BTW- it is apparently not safe to swim in the pool anyway!  Why?  Because of all the seal poop.  Ha-ha!)

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