Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Feature: Artist Susan Hodgin

by Susan Hodgin
Oil on Canvas
216" x 48"

I had seen the work of artist Susan Hodgin in many of the local art venues here in Indianapolis before I met her in her studio at the Harrison Art Center.  What I love about her work is the sense of space that she conveys with abstract form.  Many of her paintings create a visual depth that reminds me of deep space cosmic depictions of our galaxy.  Yet her work portrays more than a particular time or space.  It expresses emotion that can be reflected back to the viewer.  This is the best of abstract work.  The type that can transcend the individual and speak to the universal experience of human emotion.

I discover new emotional territories.  My paintings are not landscapes but are maps of my experience.  They are an attempt to map, chart, and record my reactions to nature, both near and far.
-Susan Hodgin

Susan Hodgin in her Studio

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