Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Feature: Artist Ashley Bryan

Illustration from "All Things Bright and Beautiful"
by Ashley Bryan

I fell in love with Ashley Bryan when I read his picture book autobiography, "Words to my Life's Song."  One phrase in it stuck with me...

I never gave up. Many were more gifted than I but they gave up.
You've got to stand up for what you love.
-Ashley Bryan

Mountain View from "Moon, for What Do You Wait?"
by Ashley Bryan
Bryan's work is a glorious celebration of the beauty of the earth.  All of the color and diversity and music of life shines through his many forms of artistic expression which include puppetry, stained glass windows, singing, paintings and illustrations.  For his books he has been awarded the Coretta Scott King award three times.

Artist Ashley Bryan
His enthusiasm for life is infectious.  I look to Bryan's work when I need light and hope to keep me going.  Thank you Ashley Bryan!  You make the world a better place.

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