Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Best Deal on Online Art Classes: Art Bundle for Good!


"Looking for beauty we find beauty.  Looking for violence we find violence.  Beauty may be found amidst squalor, violence hidden in good deeds.  'Seek and ye shall find,' the Bible says, and it is often true.  Only a deep inquiry into our own hearts reveals the direction that is right."

-Roberta Weir

While we now have kitties living at Studio Alchemy I am seriously starting to miss our in-person art classes!  But good news if you are interested in improving your art skills you can sign up for Art Bundle for Good....

I was honored to be invited to contribute my class "Creative Art Journaling" to Art Bundle for Good.  It is an amazing package deal of online art classes. There are more than 75 artists contributing art courses and resources with a value of over $4000!  You can learn from a wide variety of teachers all from the comfort of home.

In addition 25% of the profits from the sale are going of Courageous Kitchen, a Bangkok based charity helping refugees. 

Find out more here: 

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