Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bridge #300000!

The Double Arch
Copyright 2012 Addie Hirschten
Oil on Canvas
16" X 20"
Prints available on Fine Art America

I absolutely love painting this scene, the Illinois Street Bridge in Indianapolis.  I keep going back to get it in different lights, seasons and times of day.  I painted this one in the late afternoon on an October day when the bridge looked almost white.  In the mornings it is shadowed from this angle. 

Because I have done so many paintings of this scene I asked the facebook pals to help me come up with new titles.  This title was suggested by Roy Lynn Myers.  Thanks friends!

They never forgot their beginning;
they didn't trouble their minds
searching for what their end was.

They received life as a gift
and handed it back gratefully.
Minds supple, faces serene,
in a crisis cool as autumn,
in relationships warm as spring,
they were balanced, throughout the four seasons,
and in harmony with the Tao.

There was no limit to their freedom.

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