Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Magnolia Blossoms

Magnolia Blossoms
Copyright 2012 Addie Hirschten
Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"
As we approach the coldest time of year 2 things keep me going...

#1- Listening to Billy Joel
#2- Imagining the glory of spring
(You might argue that these two items are one in the same... but maybe not.)

When I painted this rather abstract version of my neighbor's Magnolia tree a few days ago.  I was looking at the shape of the branches, all barren and lifeless.  Then I imagined the blossoms onto those branches again and the colors of spring, when the ice is melting and everything is waking up again.

In the meantime... I need to start the hibernation process, sleep and eat a cookie.

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