Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Let the sun shine in?

Hydrangeas Painting by Hirschten
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After this painting sold my clients shared their excitement by posting this photo on Facebook.  The response was interesting because so many people were concerned over the original painting getting damaged by the sunlight. 

Sun damage on paintings can be bad over time but not half as bad as poor quality printing.  You can loose a print in just 6 short months by having it in a sunny spot.  This is an oil painting made with my favorite stellar high-quality paints.  (I have seen a painting made overseas with very poor quality paint crumble after only a few months.)  With the varnish the Hydrangeas painting has on it it should be good for several centuries unless it gets constant exposure to the elements. 

One person suggested placing the painting under UV protectant glass.  (I am not an expert on archiving paintings!) But it is my understanding that oil paintings are best not put under glass because it will trap moisture and rub against the texture of the paint. 

No worries the clients have said that this spot only occasionally gets sun in the winter.  And we all know that will be over soon!


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