Monday, October 30, 2023

Art Inspiration: Keeping the Home Fires Burning


Hello My Fellow Art Lovers- 

"I will light a candle, pour a hot cup of tea, gather around the warmth of my own blazing fire. 
I will howl if I want to, knowing this flame can burn through any perceived problem."

- Julia Fehrenbacher, from the poem "The Most Important Thing"

I recently learned about the ancient Greek goddess, Hestia.  She was the keeper of the hearth fire and was honored at the beginning of every meal.  

 Vestal Virgins painting by Marchesini
Some cities in ancient Greece and Rome had an eternal flame lit at the center of town.  It was the job of the "Vestal Virgins" to tend the sacred flame and make sure that it never went out.

At my last house I had a fireplace.  I LOVED those cozy winter days when I lit the fire.

Why do I find the image of the hearth fire so appealing? 

 A Single Soul, Sold

Is it because the warmth appeals to me on an instinctual level this time of year? 

 The Spirit, Sold

Or perhaps because fire and light symbolize hope and the banishing of the mysterious dark shadows of the night. 

 Alice's House, Sold

Light leads us back home. Light brings clarity and vision. 

I just spent the past few weeks creating a new Visionary Life Plan along with our class at the studio.

In it I ended up with many images of fire.  It is practically an ode to Hestia!  

To me the fire represents embracing love and warmth.  It shows my desire to savor each moment just as you do while curling up by the fire on a cold winter's night.

As we enter the winter season may you be filled with light, love, and warmth

Our Winter/Spring Classes at the Studio will be posted soon!

As always we will be doing our annual New Year's Vision Board Workshops.  Grab your place while there are still spots available.


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