Friday, November 4, 2011

Broad Ripple meets Hudson River

Canal Greenway Bridge
Oil on Canvas stretched over frame
12" x 9"
Original $275.

I have been doing a study of the Canal near my home in Indianapolis. 
I paint it in different lights and am facinated by the variety of reflections in the water
(as well as the many little bridges that cross it.)
Maybe it is the yellow ochre paint, but this one turned out very Hudson River School-ish?


  1. What!!!??? Will you stop being so prolifically marvelous!! I mean it!! I hate you! I mean that, too!!!!

  2. Ok...I'm sorry I said I hate you. That's not true....but seriously, you're way too talented....

  3. Thanks Sheila- I will trust that you don't hate me for real. :)


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