Friday, November 25, 2011

Enter your Best Gift Idea!

Do you have any stellar gift ideas for the holidays?  Share your creative gift giving ideas with us as comments below.

On Monday morning (11/28) I will use to select two lucky winners!  The first will earn a copy of my book, Art Stories, Folktales to Inspire Creativity.  The second will will earn a set of five note cards featuring my Broad Ripple Canal painting below.

To get the ball rolling here is a gift idea for you:

Create a Unique Coloring Book for Kids:  Google "free coloring pages."  You will be amazed at the choices you can print off.  Add doctored photos of the child for a personalized present.

I look forward to reading your ideas (I need them!)


  1. I love to give (and receive) gift bags filled with several "mini" gifts that are personalized to the recipient. For instance, my sister just gave me one with two potholders (love fresh potholders), Nutella To Go (I have a Nutella problem), Post-its (I use these a lot), picture holders (for my desk at work) and several other items picked just for me. They were small gifts, but taking each one out of the bag was so fun because they were all things she knew I loved.

  2. Yes- that reminds me of the year I gave out cookie mixes and potholders as a gift package.

    I had quilted the potholders(this when I was in my quilting stage)the key with that craft is to get the batting super thick otherwise the heat will burn ya!

  3. My daughters have been picking out books for each other every year since the younger one was born. We support their school by buying them at the book fair and I love watching the thought and time they spend choosing just the right gift and can see them continuing this tradition for a long time. Last year they each chose a simple for their baby brother and this year have decided to make him a lift the flap book filled with pictures of family and friends. I love that we will have lots of memories from making the book as well as reading it.

  4. I'm making a sock monkey cup cozy for my goofy FIL, and everyone else looks to be getting either home made food mixes (cookies, spices, etc) or ceramic xmas ornaments.

  5. Hooray! Thanks for sharing ideas folks!

    The official winners are...
    Adrienne wins a copy of my "Art Stories" book and Lori of "What Remains Now" wins the notecards. Congratulations!

    Feel free to keep posting ideas everybody. The real question is...
    What do you do for the older folks who already have EVERYTHING they need?

  6. By the way- everyone should visit Lori's "What Remains Now" blog for more gift ideas- especially handmade cards!

  7. Hey everybody-
    Cara says that it took her several tries to get her comment to post. Did anyone else have a problem?
    I hate to think that others might have been booted off! ahhh!


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