Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Collage your Vision of the Future

Believe it or not, the photo above is my business plan for 2012!

Inspired by the excellent book, the Right Brain Business Plan by author Jennifer Lee I created a vision board of my plans for the future. 

By cutting out pictures and layering post-it notes I made a concrete collage of my hopes and dreams and !WOW! this really helped me to clearly see where I want to go.  In the past I have jotted ideas down on little scraps of paper, but now these aspirations are all in one place.  It is now a plan that I can interact with every day.

But a collage like this doesn't have to be a business plan- it could be your LIFE plan.  Where do you want to go?  Can you make a picture of it? 

You have to know where the track is to get back on it. 
                                                                            -Benjamin Zander, conductor and writer


  1. Go Addie! You are an inspiration!


  2. Looks like my kind of plan! I will get the book now. Good luck in 2012!

  3. Thanks Yevgenia- Yes- I would highly recommend this book!

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