Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Definition of Art

Yesterday I was walking to meet my daughter, Emmaline at the bus stop.  Rain was blowing in my face and I was squinting against the shining sun.

I suddenly remembered something my step-dad, Thomas told me years ago.  Under these conditions there is ALWAYS a rainbow.  You just have to turn away from the sun. 

I turned around and there was a fully arched rainbow! 
And... one end of it started at my house!!!

I stood for a moment smiling at this happy site, when a man in a car drove past.  I pointed urgently behind him and mouthed, "Rainbow!"  I am not sure if he understood or thought I was crazy, but I realized that it was the artist in me that wanted so desperately to share that beautiful miraculous moment. 

And that is what art is all about.  Sharing.

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