Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can You Define Love?

Self Portrait "In Love" 1999
Watercolor on Paper
16" x 24"
Print available on Fine Art America
It is not ownership. It is not about marking someone as your territory with a ring or a photo.

Love is acceptance.

The purest love between parent and child has an openness, a bond that encompasses all.

And then there is romantic love....

The kind that fills you with longing. To comfort and be comforted.

Sometimes I feel that I SHOULD be able to love anyone because we all deserve love. Yet I have only felt passionate love for a handful of people. When I think of those individuals I looovvvvvve, it is like grabbing a unique lily white snowflake with my tongue and feeling this is it! My mojo flips backward and groans, hot damn, THIS is it.

How would you define it?


  1. I think there are so many different types of love. There is first love, the love that knocks you off you feet for the first time and opens your eyes with wonder and excitement to the possibilities. There is big love, the love that you don't go looking for and don't expect and yet find it consuming you and yet you ask for more. There is love of life which can consume you or give you the drive for your day to day. Oh, isn't love a grand thing!?!

  2. Yup- it is all that. The push that drives you forward. Yes- grand, very grand!

  3. I like the quote from Stranger in a Strange Land... "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." There's a lot of important clarification unsaid there, but it's a good start.

  4. Yeah- I like that too OJ. It is a complicated messy- ooy- goo this book of love.


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