Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Open Cadaver

Mural in Downtown Indianapolis

Yesterday I was feeling wobbly and here is why...

When I share my more private art it is as though I am an open cadaver on an operating table. The viewers are all looking down at my guts with masks on their faces. I can't tell if they are thinking, "Ewww, her insides are really rotten," or what. Then I remind myself that if I switched places with them their insides would look the same.

And maybe the more uncomfortable I feel by exposing my thoughts and feelings, the closer I am to hitting at the core, at the truth. I WILL get over my wimpiness...

and then...

there will be a wonderful moment where the viewer and I will be united by our commonalities. We will grow. It will be an orgasm of pure empathy.

So I am going to keep on truckin' and more than anything I want you all to do the same.
Mural in downtown Indianapolis

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