Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saint Valentine

Self-portrait, 2001
Watercolor on Paper
5" x 7"
The story goes that Saint Valentine was sentenced to death.  His last request was to be given a sheet of paper to write a love letter.

And so I want for you all to imagine that you are about to be escorted to the hangman's noose. 
What message have you been holding inside? 
To whom would you write the letter?

It is hard to write the letter. The truth of it can whip you.  It is as though you have vomited, purged yourself. The person might not 'get' it, those chunks are acidic. Your message might be mixed up and garbled but you will feel better. I promise.

I urge you, my friends, to sit down and write it...
or sing it, paint it, whatever.

Say what it is that you have been aching to say.

Let's dump a load of pure cane sugar on this earth. No more of this wimpy saccharin shit, it is just so dissatisfying.  You want the real thing.

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