Monday, February 20, 2012

Winning a Rose...

A Rose for You by June Rollins
I am pleased to announce that on Valentine's day I won a painting by the artist June Rollins.  Thank you June!

On the back of the painting June wrote this...
"I'm a late bloomer.  I didn't begin working in watercolor until my mid-forties. I had the desire since high school, but not the confidence to pursue.  Remember the Y2K scare of 1999?  One day I woke up and thought if the world is going to end, I at least would like to take a watercolor class before it does.  I haven't stopped painting since."

Yes!  I love it.  We have got to embrace what we love.

No one says on their death bed, "gosh, I wish I spent more time watching TV."

Make your dreams reality.


  1. Addie, Thank You! Happy "A Rose For You" is in a place where it will flourish :)


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